Two Weeks Quotes

Episode 6
Ahjussi, you said living is meaningless, right? But you said you didn’t want to die in vain. I’m like that too. Living is meaningless, it’s just meaningless. I lived as if I could die any day.
A bastard like me, I’m not a bit scared of dying. I have nothing for which I long

The Reflection in the eye is only for that moment, though.
The important thing is being contained in the heart. –tae san
Do you show me your heart?
The heart is something you feel – tae san

Human is the scariest

Sigh, SWnim…
Skrip anda selalu bikin saya kagum. Hal-hal kecil yang tidak pernah saya bayangkan, anda tuangkan secara sederhana. Bahkan dalam Two Weeks itu digunakan sebagai trik untuk menangkap pelaku.
#masih ada kemungkinan ada tambahan :)

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